Rebuild & Return

Bring or ship us your gear boxes or pumps. Benchworks Staff will create an invoice. Take a picture of how the unit arrived (with accessories if attached). Your components will go though the disassembly and inspection process, we will make note of any broken or worn parts. Once fully disassembled, the components goes through a hot parts washer, wire wheel to remove heavy dirt and rust, solvent scrub/wash. Then goes to our rebuild department for a close inspection of shafts, housing, rotors, cam rings, pressure plates, gears, piston and worm assemble, etc. All shafts are checked for twist, fractures, and wear. Shafts are also turned to check for run out, and if bent. We also high speed polish shafts bearing and sealing surfaces to a micro mirror finish . Bearings, bushings, and races get inspected and measured for wear and tolerance levels. If bearings, races, or bushings fail inspection tests, they get replaced no questions asked. All components will be worked on by a Benchwork certified steering specialists.

Gear box build

We build all our steering gears using parts from leading OEM manufactures, during the building process; parts are inspected, cleaned and re-inspected. Control valves are assembled and are tested for pressure and flow, hydraulic balance and leakage outside the gear housing in our own custom built testing fixtures, worm gears and ball nut (piston) are checked for looseness and corrected with over sizing the worm balls and/or replacing worn parts. Shafts are high speed micro polished to a smooth and finer finish than originally manufactured. Housings are cleaned, honed, inspected for cracks and flaws, clearance checked, and machined for proper sealing for smooth operation.

Once built we test all steering gears using a four part testing system. First is ahands on feel and load test, this is essential for smooth operation. Second is a backlash/load test, this is performed to check steering gear over-center load is good. Third is a flow test, steering gears go through this to assure left and right operation is smooth and balanced. Fourth we use a ultra high pressure test to assure maximum loads, and pressures can be held under extreme conditions.

Pump Builds

We build all our power steering pumps using parts from leading OEM manufactures, during the build process, parts are inspected, cleaned and re-inspected, cam rings and pressure plates are decked and polished or replaced if necessary, fresh bearings and or bushings are installed. All pumps are tested with a two part testing process. First a low pressure static leak test is conducted to find housing to pump reservoir leaks. Second the pump goes for a live run test that builds pressure and flow at operating temperatures, to simulate real day to day operations. We tune pump pressure and flow rates to oem specifications or custom applications.