Bleeding Instructions

Proper steering gear bleeding instructions:
  • Fill pump reservoir with factory fluid.
  • Ensure the tires and steering unit are in center-forward position(straight alignment) and vehicle is on the ground.
  • Start engine and check that the power steering fluid is maintained at a high and consistent level.
  • Add any fluid if needed and allow engine to reach operating temperature, be sure that while conducting any rotations the cap is back on the pump.
  • Once engine is at operating temperature, rotate the steering wheel gradually into a 3 o’clock position. Hold this position for about 60 seconds, this allows the hydraulic process to begin smoothly.
  • Repeat the last step, slowly move the wheel into further rotations (11 o’clock, 12, 1 etc…), be observant of any whiny noises during the pauses in between or while rotating the steering wheel, if a girdle of fluid or whiny air noise occurs, STOP, this isn’t necessarily bad, the air just needs to achieve a balance within the fluid in the box.
  • Further rotate the steering wheel equally left and right until lock-to-lock steering is achieved.
  • Now slowly, steer the wheel to a complete left and complete right, check the fluid once more.
The vehicle is ready for a test drive and afterwards… check the fluid!
A word of advice, “Take your time! This process can normally take 15-20 minutes”.
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